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Powerful, efficient, environmentally friendly: the new Mixokret M 740 Stage V

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It would have been this year's EPF trade fair in Feuchtwangen, where the latest generation of the most popular screed conveyor was to be presented - the M 740 Stage V. Putzmeister was very much looking forward to celebrate the market launch with screed layers, like-minded people and industry experts after the most recent successful field tests and to present the innovations to this expert group. "It is important for us to present our customers a reliable machine with clear improvements and noticeable innovations - it goes without saying that our machines comply with the latest emission and safety standards", said Matthias Ruppel, who has again taken over the management of Putzmeister Mörtelmaschinen GmbH since the beginning of the year.

Almost like at the trade fair: Putzmeister gives first insights under the hood of the new Mixokret M 740 Stage V


Self-designed, powerful compressor unit - Made in Germany

The new Mixokret M 740 Stage V seems to be quite similar to its predecessor on the outside, because the biggest changes were made under the hood which continues to open centrally. Here, a robust 3-cylinder turbo engine from Deutz now operates with an output of 36.4 KW, which is about 10% more power than its predecessor. The compressor of the company Rotocomp thus delivers an air capacity of up to 4.35 m³/min. Thanks to the sophisticated exhaust gas aftertreatment with a diesel particle filter, the machine meets all requirements of the "Stage V" emission standard without the use of urea - also known as AdBlue®. This ensures that the machine can be operated in the EU and Switzerland in the future. Furthermore, laying screed in (partially) closed working areas such as underground car parks is also possible, thanks to the "TRGS 554" conformity of the new Mixokret.


More performance and "Stage V" conformity: the Deutz TD 2.2 will drive the latest generation of Mixokret in future.


The right delivery rate for every construction site

In order to be able to adapt as flexibly as possible to the respective conditions on the construction site, the new Mixokret machine performance management allows the selection of five different delivery speeds. For example, fuel savings of up to 15% can be achieved by pumping in ECO Mode with shorter hose lengths. For longer delivery distances, increasing the delivery speed to POWER mode ensures that the maximum delivery rate is realized. There are also innovations on the drive of the mixing mechanism of the new Mixokret, which is now driven exclusively hydraulically. This means that the user can also run the mixing shaft in reverse at the push of a button to release a stuck mixture and it simplifies the cleaning of the mixing vessel. In addition, this drive offers a safe overload protection for all mixing mechanism components, should a stone block the mixing mechanism, for example.


The clearly arranged control panel of the Mixokret - Two pressure gauges, emergency stop and a keypad


Proven operating concept with robust components

The machine is operated via a clearly arranged control panel, which can still be found in its usual place. The central control element is now a robust keypad with intuitive user guidance, with which the machine can be operated even more easily and safely. The keypad is also resistant to all usual weather conditions, oils and chemicals - even the appropriate use of a high-pressure cleaner cannot harm the keypad. The two pressure gauges allow the mixing unit and delivery pressure to be read at any time. Actuation of the emergency stop immediately stops the conveying operation and all moving components.


Extended range of functions

Never again an empty battery the next day - this is what the Auto-Power-Off function promises. The standard function automatically disconnects all consumers from the battery, even if the main switch is not switched off at the end of work. This ensures smooth continuation of operation the following day and prevents unnecessary downtime due to discharged batteries. From now on, user-specific settings are made centrally via the operating elements of the display unit, which is located in the control cabinet under the hood and is well protected. A practical feature here is that settings made by the user, such as the switch-off pressure or the mixing time setting, are automatically saved. In this way, all settings are retained even after the machine is restarted the next day. A further innovation is the batch counter, which can be compared with the odometer in the board computer of a car. If it is activated, it counts the batches until it is reset. This number can be used, for example, to roughly estimate the amount of material processed.


Display unit with operating elements in the control cabinet under the hood


Tested through and through - and now available!

"Our new Mixo has collected a total of more than 2500 operating hours in the field under the toughest conditions, has completed the loads of more than 100,000 driven kilometers in road traffic on a special test track and has successfully survived start trials at temperatures below -8°C in the cold chamber. These and many other tests are carried out on all our machines to ensure their reliability and durability. In the end, however, what counts for us is the feedback from our customers from the most diverse regions and their diverse applications inside and outside Germany - and this feedback could not be better at the moment. That's why the machine is available now and we will be happy to demonstrate it directly at your construction site if you are interested. All you need to do is make an appointment with one of our many long-standing partners or directly with Putzmeister mortar machines", summarizes Matthias Ruppel. He also announced that other new machines are expected in addition to the Mixokret soon. Therefore, it remains to be seen which mortar machines Putzmeister will be presenting in the upcoming weeks.

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