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Putzmeister presents the latest 30m class generation

The entire Putzmeister machine range in the 30m class has been optimised and upgraded to the latest tec... READ MORE

Putzmeister presents the latest 30m class generation

The entire Putzmeister machine range in the 30m class has been optimised and upgraded to the latest technological standard.

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The most popular and top-selling machine series in the 30m class from Putzmeister has been improved worldwide and adapted to meet customer requirements in various markets.

Back in September 2017, Putzmeister presented the first saleable models at a customer event at the company headquarters in Aichtal. The new generation of the BSF 31-5, BSF 36-4 and BSF 38-5, as well as the MXR 35-4 stationary placing boom were presented there for the first time to customers from Europe, Africa and the Middle East. For some time now, over 20 pilot machines are undergoing tough tests worldwide to guarantee a frictionless start to production.

The launch of the machine for the American market then followed at WOC 2018 in Las Vegas. The BSF 39-4 truck-mounted concrete pump with Z-folding also presented was developed specifically for the American market and can also be used as a multi-version. The multi-applications allow the operator to remove the boom from the truck-mounted concrete pump and mount it on a pipe column system (when compatible).

All optimisation work on the machines is the result of extensive research and the feedback from customers, as well as the experience garnered by sales and service staff. In addition, all new generations are equipped with the current Ergonic 2.0 control software. The new models of the truck-mounted concrete pumps are set apart by robust and secure positioning, even during the pumping process. This is made possible by the improved steel frame and force distribution in the substructure. And every model impresses with its individual features and applications.

The BSF 31-5 is the hall master in the Putzmeister machine range. It is used wherever movability and flexible operations are required in the tightest spaces. With maximum mobility and virtuoso slip properties, the 5-arm truck-mounted concrete pump is the ideal solution for renovations and for use on smaller job sites. Equipped with the latest control technology from Putzmeister, operation is simple and intuitive. The steady handling of the placing boom and the small support surfaces allow the machine to enter halls with the boom forward.


The classic among the truck-mounted concrete pumps, the BSF 36-4, impresses with simple operation and a low overall weight. The steady and flexible 4-arm placing boom in Z-folding, allows operations at a low unfolding height with best slip properties. The BSF 36-4 is versatile and even more efficient thanks to the flexible support, which can be optionally extended. The weight reserve permits a high payload. The placing boom with straight arm segments combined with the reinforced substructure ensures an optimum position and steady handling.


As a bestseller and all-rounder, the BSF 38-5 has been further optimised. Its stability and operator convenience make for efficient operations. At the same time, the short overall machine length achieves high manoeuvrability. In combination with Ergonic 2.0 and a range of support variants, the BSF 38-5 is now capable of practically all job site situations, from hall or ceiling concreting to use on foundations. With the 5-arm placing boom in RZ-folding, it offers extremely high flexibility and a low unfolding height.


The MXR 35-4 was presented as the latest generation of the stationary placing boom. The continuous conveying pipe diameter of 125 mm and the RS850 pipe column system from Putzmeister enable efficient and simple operations. With the revised MX quick-separation point, attaching and detaching is possible in just a few steps. Additional options, such as working spotlight on the boom tip or central grease lubrication, offer even more comfort and operator convenience. Two working platforms improve safety when erecting, sufficient freedom of movement, as well as optimum access to all operating and assembly points.

The extensive optimisation of the 30m class range meets the requirements and needs of customers to even greater effect. Moreover, a uniform machine design and appearance creates visual and functional improvements. And so the new machine generation is equipped for future tasks worldwide.

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